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Kyocera's casting resins are widely used across many industries and hold the No.1 share in the global ignition coil market. Insulating varnishes are also used by many customers over the decades and are used in many kinds of car parts including HV motors. We can help your car part manufacturing with these products which have high quality and reliability.

Insulation Varnish for Motors

Highly Reliable Vinyl Ester Varnish for In-Car Motors


High adhesivity equivalent to epoxy resin

Can use same way as unsaturated polyester varnish

Possible higher heat resistance than Epoxy resin (by combination with magnet wire)

General property of Kyocera Varnish
Type Standard High Adhesivity Low-VOC & High Adhesivity
Product Name TVB2190K series TVB2918 TVB2475
Main Component Vinyl Ester TVB2918 Vinyl Ester
Viscosity(25deg.C) 500 mPa.s 500 mPa.s 1100 mPa.s
Gelation Time 250sec/120deg.C 250sec/12deg.C 210sec/120deg.C
Adhesivity (SPCC) 13 Mpa 14MPa 14 MPa
Qty of VOC(ASTM) 3.0% 3.0% 0.6%
Application Small Motors
HEV Motors
HEV Generators
EPS Motors
Engine Generator
HEV Motors
HEV Generators

High Adhesive and Good Usability

Adhesive Strength

Casting Resin for Ignition Coils

Highly reliable casting resin which holds the largest share in the world market


Good Insulating properties

High heat resistance

Good impregnating properties into clearances

General property of Kyocera Casting resin
Item Test
Unit TCG1628
Low Tg
/Low stress
Standard type
Glass Transition temp. --- deg. C 90 125
Coefficient Expansion --- ppm/K 50 45
Break Down Voltage 100deg.C MV/m >25 >30
Flexural Strength 25deg.C MPa 135 140
Flexural Modulus 25deg.C GPa 7.5 6.8

Ignition coil for Automotive

Kyocera casting resin has excellent impregnation property for high power ignition coil.

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