About Kyocera Asia Pacific India Pvt. Ltd.

Company Overview

Company name KYOCERA Asia Pacific (India) Pvt. Ltd. (KAPI) A subsidiary of KYOCERA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore
Established July 16, 2009
Address 1004A & 1004B, 10th Floor, JMD Regent Square, M.G. Road Gurugram Haryana, India 122 002
Contact TEL: 0124-4714298 FAX: 0124-4683378
Purpose Sales organization to enhance the Kyocera brand and develop and expand business in the Indian market.


KAPI is committed to delivering reliable and high-quality products with reasonable cost to contribute to the development of Indian industry and the betterment of human life while enabling sustainable growth for all of our valued customers.

The essence of our sales activities and services is to provide INSPIRATION to customers that goes above and beyond SATISFACTION. We aim high to provide a higher level of happiness to all of our valued customers. We INSPIRE People!!

The KAPI slogan is “ICU: abbreviation of I CARE about YOU.” We CARE about our customers and all the people around us, and commit to take tangible action for business growth and the betterment of life within the spirit of ICU.

In addition to the Indian market, we are aggressively working to develop business in the African market through close business relationships with our Indian partners.

Kyocera supplies a wide range of products for automotive applications that require ultra-high reliability.

Miniaturization High capacitance value
Small & thin High-speed transmission
Robust structure

Miniaturization High capacitance value Small & thin High-speed transmission Robust structureMiniaturization High capacitance value Small & thin High-speed transmission Robust structure

High-Speed, High-Resolution
Inkjet Printheads


KAPI markets and sells a wide range of Kyocera products:

Solar energy: Photovoltaic modules for municipal- and industrial-use solar power generating systems and roof top installations

Printing devices: Thermal printheads, high-speed high-resolution inkjet printheads, a-Si photoreceptor drums

Electronic components: Capacitors, SAW devices

Crystal devices: Timing devices, synthetic quartz crystals

Connectors: For consumer electronics, automobiles and medical equipment

Semiconductor components: Ceramic packages used in surface-mount electronic devices, image sensors, optical components, and LEDs; multilayer ceramic substrates for automotive ECUs; and ultra-small ceramic packages that enable miniaturization of crystal devices. Organic packages & printed wiring boards (PWBs) for flip chip packages; substrates for wireless communications, build-up wiring boards and high-density multilayer printed circuit boards

Fine ceramic components: Used in industrial machinery, ultra-high vacuum applications, semiconductor processing and LCD manufacturing equipment; sapphire substrates for LEDs; and ferrite components

Glow Plugs/ Heaters for Oxygen Sensors/ Multilayer Piezo /Camera Modules: Ceramic glow plugs, oxygen-sensor heaters, piezoelectric stacks for fuel injectors, and camera modules

Displays: Automotive- and industrial-use LCDs

Organic materials: Epoxy encapsulation materials for semiconductors, photosensitive organic passivation materials

Kitchen tools: Ceramic kitchen tools including knives, peelers, slicers, sharpeners, planers, graters, grinders and scissors

Organic Packages: The products line-up are: Organic Packages and Module Substrates.