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Ceramic Knives

Ceramic Knives:

Although there are various kinds of knives, Kyocera ceramic knives have many unique features which are not available in traditional kitchen knives. For example, ceramic knives never rust nor will they transfer a metallic taste to foods, because ceramics are not made of metal. Moreover, their tremendous sharpness will last for a long time. In addition, you can safely disinfect them with bleach after use. There are various kinds of ceramic knives including slicing knives, fruit knives and santoku knives. Please find the most suitable model for you.

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools:

Try Kyocera's kitchen tools. We supply a full range of the kitchen goods with of the unique characteristics of ceramics. "Food stays natural after cutting with ceramic blades!" "Very light!" "Easy to clean!" These customer' comments provide a hint of our production quality. Our advanced kitchen goods are the result of our pursuit of excellence.

Stationery Products

Stationery Products:

Ceramic ball-point pens with fascinating cases are very popular gift items, because they provide excellently smooth writing. Our ceramic scissors and cutters have great edge retention. Letter openers are also convenient in your office or at home.

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