Printing Devices

Kyocera's unique technologies provide high-speed, high-reliability and high-quality solutions for your printing needs

Kyocera's world-class printing technologies arise from our ability to develop devices for the three major printing methods (Thermal Printing, Inkjet Printing, Electro-photography), and from the synergy gained from accumulating technologies in each area.

Product Line-up

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Thermal Printheads

Inkjet Printheads

Kyocera offers thermal printheads with high productivity and reliability. By leveraging advanced thin film technology production lines all the way through from ceramic substrates to finished products Kyocera flexibly addresses all demands for custom-designed thermal printheads with optimized selections that meeting your application such as POS/Barcode/Kiosk/ECG.

In addition, Kyocera also delivers a wide variety of standard printheads for each application.

Kyocera's technology which has been cultivated over 30 years actualizes various requirements such as robust design, corrosion and abrasion resistance, downsized product dimensions and high heat efficiency.


Inkjet Printheads

Inkjet Printheads

Pioneering the digital printing world with high-performance products

High Performance & Productivity – Wide Print Width, High Speed and High Image Quality –Suitable for both Single and Multi-Pass Applications.
Excellence in Digital Textile Printing, Graphic Publishing, Label Printing, Barcoding,
Ceramic Tile Printing and Sign Graphic Printing.


Wide Print Width: 108mm
Wider printing coverage with fewer printheads
The enhanced width also reduces the burden of printhead alignment
and tubing/cabling requirements at inkjet printer assembly.
High Speed: 100m/min*as Maximum
Achieved in Single Pass Printing
* Under conditions of 40kHz drive frequency with 600dpi

High Image Quality: Up to 1200dpi

High Reliability Outstanding reliability for Continuous Printing

UV LED Lights

UV LED Lights

UV LED Lights for various curing job for UV inks and other UV curable materials are available.

Kyocera sales engineers are ready to work with you to find the right product for your application. For more details or assistance, please contact us.

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