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In the"10n World" Series we explore the unique Kyocera technologies contributing to the world around us.
This video introduces Kyocera's fine ceramic technology used in the Subaru Telescope's high resolution camera (HSC) lens.
This innovative ceramic technology provides the lens barrel with extremely low thermal expansion and high structural rigidity, allowing scientists to observe the mysteries of the universe billions of light years away.

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Aluminum Foundry & Casting Products

Aluminum Foundry & Casting Products

Parts for molten aluminum processing showcase the advantages of Kyocera Silicon Nitride.

Our experience in developing durable silicon nitride for harsh operating conditions, such as in engine components, has enabled us to serve the aluminum foundry and casting components markets. Kyocera's silicon nitride, featuring thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, contributes to reduction of elution contamination, longer-life products and cost savings.

Heater Tubes

Stalks for Low-Pressure Casting

Thermocouple Protection Tubes

Degassing Pipes

Textile Machinery Parts

Textile Mechinery Parts

Used in many textile machines due to their wear-resistance and low friction.

Ceramics are used in various textile machines as guide parts, thread processing nozzles, oiling nozzles, rollers and twister parts. In addition to wear resistance, ceramics can minimize damage to high-speed yarns due to their exceptionally low friction.

Thread Guides and Nozzles for Textile Machines



Highly reliable feedthroughs are proven components in various industrial sectors.

Kyocera supplies the most commonly used ceramic-to-metal bonded feedthroughs, which are utilized in many different applications with proven reliability.

Feedthroughs for Scientific Equipment,
Semiconductor Processing Equipment,
Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

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