Capacitors (MLCC) & SAW Devices

The electronics market is a driving force of the new era, and Kyocera continues to support this rapidly changing industry with innovative products and value-added solutions.

Kyocera provides a variety of attractive electronic components and devices for a wide range of applications, including various products in multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) with key features such as miniaturization, high capacitance and high voltage. Among the many products we offer transient voltage suppressors for a variety of microprocessors.
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Product Line-up

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Capacitors (MLCC)

Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Kyocera supplies quality multilayer ceramic capacitors made with high-purity ceramics. We promote miniaturization, higher capacitance and higher function with a wide range of products that are suitable for diverse applications.


SAW Devices (SAW duplexers and filters, etc.)

SAW Devices (SAW duplexers, SAW filters etc.)

Kyocera supplies various types of surface mount SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) duplexers and filters based on unique simulation and fine processing technologies. Our wide range of products includes RF SAW duplexers and filters for various mobile phones systems.


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